Estates Sales by Wings has worked hard since 2001 in the Albuquerque area to earn our top rated reputation. We offer our clients outstanding care and attention, discretion, ethical business practices and competitive commission rates. Our business has been built by word of mouth and referrals from satisfied clients and local real estate agents.

Beverly Hubbard and her crew have over thirty years of combined experience in merchandise organization, visual presentation and small business marketing strategies.

We have perfected the art of home staging and are experts at maximizing the potential of each and every estate sale we undertake. We have an extensive list of satisfied clients who will validate that claim. We are proud to share their gracious and appreciated comments with you.

Our Name
Everyone asks about our name. It is not what is often presumed, although we are flattered when our clients liken us to angels sent to help them with a difficult task. We took our name from the fact that when we originally founded the company, we were all airline industry employees with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to grow something that mattered. That was since 2001 and countless estate sales ago.

What We Do
The dedication and commitment we provide results in a proficiently managed estate sale that is stress fee and profitable for our clients while creating a fun and exciting shopping experience for our customers.

Our knowledge and expertise at liquidating an estate means you only have to take the treasure you wish to keep and walk away. We will do the rest. Remember...the degree of success of any estate sale depends, in part, on a large variety of items to sell. So, please, don't throw anything away.

If you have rare or specialized items, we have a cadre of experts to call upon to price and market unique items to interested parties.